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Jessica Jiji has earned accolades including the Page International Screenwriting Award Gold Prize in the Family category for her feature ‘World Class’, Winner of the Big Apple Film Festival for her short ‘Transjordan,’ as well as Semifinalist and Second Rounder at the Austin Film Festival. Her scripts have also been recognized by the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, WeScreenplay, ScreenCraft and two different Launch Pad competitions. Her novels, which earned praise for their positive portrayal of Arab culture, drawn from her Iraqi heritage, were published in both English and Italian.

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Jessica Jiji is the author of several acclaimed novels and screenplays that have earned recognition at top competitions such as Gold Prize at the Page International Screenwriting Awards and Winner of the Big Apple Film Festival. She lives in New York City with her husband and their three sons.

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The coming-of-age novel is a perennial favorite, and this month’s list of new books is rich with examples. Whether in the hothouse environment of an arts school or in Iraq in the 1940s, adolescents struggling toward adulthood offer moments of tenderness and amusement. And, of course, there are killers, too.

Jiji (Diamonds Take Forever ) explores the ties that bind and break family, friendship, and love in 1941 Iraq. Heartbroken that her family won't allow her to marry at 13 and be “ushered to the protection of a new home under the guard of a stern husband in the dewy marshlands north of Basra,” Kathmiya Mahmoud is sent to work as a maid in the city of Basra, where her frequent visits to marriage brokers turn up no prospective husbands.

Since the September 2001 suicide attacks on New York, the city’s bookstores have been flooded with volumes of nonfiction works attempting to explain the phenomenon of terrorism and its links with the world of Islam and the Middle East. While some scholars have duly warned of the dangers of perpetuating the myth of a “clash of civilizations”, coupled with the notion of “us and them”, others have seemed to relish inflaming anti-Muslim and anti-Arab sentiment.

What People Are Saying


"I wish to emphasize the importance of this novel for its positive and perceptive characterization of Arabs and Muslims and its very welcome, refreshing American view of Islamic people."

Prof. Saadi Simawe

Author of Out of the Lamp and editor of Iraqi Poetry Today

"Far from the harsh reality of war and destruction we associate with Iraq, this is a romantic tale set in the southern city of Basra, known as the Venice of the East, in the 1940’s. Infused with love and longing, it weaves a colorful tapestry of life in that multilayered society with all its charms—family life, street life, markets, foods and celebrations—a story that is rich in detail and highly absorbing."

Yvette Raby

Co-author of The Lost World of Egyptian Jews

"Sweet Dates in Basra is a wonderfully written story that will capture the heart of anyone who reads it... a charming novel that anyone interested in other cultures should definitely pick up."

S. Krishna’s Books


"Jiji does a remarkable job of evoking 1940s Iraq in her novel, from the colorful markets to the remote marshes, making for a vibrant read."

Kristine Huntley


"A reminder of the power of the heart over the strictures of tradition."

Ariel Sabar

Author of My Father’s Paradise

"Sweet Dates in Basra is a moving novel which brings to life years of friendship and understanding, conflict and violence between Jews and Muslims in Basra. In this story of love and search for identity, Jessica Jiji succeeds fully in capturing passions, depth of feeling and strong relationships beyond ethnic and religious differences."

Naim Kattan

Author of Farewell Babylon: Coming of Age in Jewish Baghdad

"Sweet Dates in Basra is a masterfully written tale historically rich in detail and viewpoints, deep, lasting friendships and forbidden love. Sweet Dates in Basra is a novel that draws the reader into another time and place and one that is difficult to leave. I highly recommend, as in find a copy to read now, Sweet Dates in Basra to all readers and believe this to be an excellent choice for a book discussion group."

Rundpinne Book Review


"Jiji has... skillfully woven together to tell a tale about love and friendship that rises above religion, culture or political perspective."

One Swede Read


"Jiji (Diamonds Take Forever) explores the ties that bind and break family, friendship, and love.. [T]he cultural perspective and setting are a nice break from the wartime norm, as is the unexpected ending."

Publishers Weekly


"An engaging story, deftly written, in a country and culture far different from my own. So when turning the last page, I’ve been entertained; moved far afield from my present life; learned something about the world; learned something about another culture and people; and been given the gift of increased empathy and compassion where little previously existed."



The story of family and friendship, tradition and hardship, violence and conflict, in 1941 Iraq with tensions brewing between Muslims and Jews. And more than that it is the story of love that can blossom above and beyond it all without respect to class and religion because the heart wants what it wants. But can it ever have what it wants in the end?

Spoiler below………

"We learn in the author’s end notes that she loosely based this novel on her father’s story. I think this is what brings the truth through the characters and keeps the story from melting into an unbelievable tale of happily ever after winning out over all."

Keri Kinnic Reads


 “a sassy yet sweet voice and sparing no funny, absurd detail... The narration makes the book compulsively readable... A story with a funny, fresh voice."

Kirkus Reviews

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Jessica-Jji-Sweet Dates in Basra-profile

Sweet Dates in

About the Book

Sweet Dates in Basra

Beautiful Kathmiya is sent from Iraq's idyllic countryside to work as a maid in Basra, where she meets Shafiq, a Jewish boy whose brotherhood with his Muslim neighbor Omar proves friendship transcends religion. Set during the Second World War, Sweet Dates in Basra portrays the unyielding power of human solidarity.

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Diamonds Take

About the Book

Diamonds Take Forever

If her family had never left Morocco, Michelle would be in big trouble, being almost
thirty and still single. When her hot boyfriend breaks up, she gives up on getting a sparkly ring. But then Michelle discovers a diamond is just coal until it's forged by fire and time.

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How to judge a Book by its Lover

About the Book

How to judge a Book by its Lover

Laurel wants to sell her novel about Napoleon’s hairdresser, unaware that it’s hilariously bad. But when she nabs a book deal plus a sophisticated boyfriend, the life she dreamed of feels all wrong. After typing many pages of fiction, it’s time for Laurel to write a real happily ever after.

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