Jessica Jiji

critically acclaimed author

Jessica Jiji is a critically acclaimed author spanning different genres. “Diamonds Take Forever”  is classic RomCom with an Arabic twist. And her latest, “How to Judge a Book by its Lover” is a laugh-out-loud comedy about wanting what you can’t have – until you get it and discover you were better off before. 

The daughter of an Iraqi immigrant, Jessica also drew on her roots to write a literary romance novel based in the Middle East: “Sweet Dates in Basra” crosses borders and decades to take the reader on a journey of forbidden love in newly independent Iraq. 

Her books have been published in the United States by HarperCollins and in Italy by Newton Compton.

Jessica has also collaborated on three full-length screenplays with internationally renowned author Paul Grossman. “Queen of the CIA” is a comedic caper about how the spy agency recruits a new costume designer who is openly gay. “Miss Interpreter” is a political thriller about a translator working at the United Nations who stumbles on a plot to subvert its operations. And “I Married a Shaman,” inspired by Paul’s ex, follows the courtship of a Korean woman whose new boyfriend loves her culture more than she ever did.

Jessica is also the co-author, with Adam Chernick, of “EXcommunicating,” a play about an engaged couple grappling with the difference between lies and omission. In addition, she collaborated with Seth Jacobson on “The Superman of Avenue C” for the 48-hour film project.


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