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Sweet Dates in

About the Book

Sweet Dates in Basra

Beautiful Kathmiya is sent from Iraq's idyllic countryside to work as a maid in Basra, where she meets Shafiq, a Jewish boy whose brotherhood with his Muslim neighbor Omar proves friendship transcends religion. Set during the Second World War, Sweet Dates in Basra portrays the unyielding power of human solidarity.

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Diamonds Take

About the Book

Diamonds Take Forever

If her family had never left Morocco, Michelle would be in big trouble, being almost
thirty and still single. When her hot boyfriend breaks up, she gives up on getting a sparkly ring. But then Michelle discovers a diamond is just coal until it's forged by fire and time.

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How to judge a Book by its Lover

About the Book

How to judge a Book by its Lover

Laurel wants to sell her novel about Napoleon’s hairdresser, unaware that it’s hilariously bad. But when she nabs a book deal plus a sophisticated boyfriend, the life she dreamed of feels all wrong. After typing many pages of fiction, it’s time for Laurel to write a real happily ever after.

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