How to Judge a Book by its Lover


Jessica Jiji

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About the book

About The Book

How to judge a book by its lover

Laurel Linden wants nothing more than a publishing contract for her 600-page historical novel about Napoleon Bonaparte’s hairdresser. Despite mounting evidence that it’s hilariously bad, she clings to faith that it’s a future bestseller. While expecting to become fabulously famous, Laurel’s earning cash as a New York City dog walker and living in a rundown apartment. Her friends and family want her to move back to the suburbs, get a real job and settle down – until Laurel shocks them all by nabbing a huge book deal and a hot Belgian boyfriend. 

Only problem is… the perfect life she always dreamed of feels all wrong. Changing course would mean giving up everything she worked so hard for and – way more difficult – accepting who she really is. For all the thousands of words of fiction she’s ever typed, it’s finally time for Laurel to write a real happily ever after.



How to Judge a Book by its Lover is a delightfully funny and witty urban tale of a compelling young woman’s search for romance and career success that finds a fabulous finale when high dreams and ambitions are adjusted to sweeter, closer-to-home choices…”

Susana Aiken

Author of award winning historical fiction book We Shall See the Sky Sparkling as well as Weight of the Heart and Nadine.

"I loved it. Funny, soulful with lots of jokes. A cross between Seinfeld and Bridget Jones. Read it!"

Nick Griffen

Stand-up Comedian

"compulsively readable... A story with a funny, fresh voice..."

Kirkus Reviews


"A dive into the mind of a hilarious and hopeful writer… it made me incredibly jealous of the author, Jessica Jiji, and just how well she could capture the rollercoaster of our lives..."

Madeline Barbush

Independent Book Reviews

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How to judge a book by its lover

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