Escape into a juicy novel by Jessica Jiji.


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Escape into a juicy novel by Jessica Jiji.

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How to Judge a Book by its Lover


Laurel Linden wants nothing more than a publishing contract for her 600-page historical novel about Napoleon Bonaparte’s hairdresser. Despite mounting evidence that it’s hilariously bad, she clings to faith that it’s a future bestseller. While expecting to become fabulously famous, Laurel’s earning cash as a New York City dog walker and living in a rundown apartment. Her friends and family want her to move back to the suburbs, get a real job and settle down – until Laurel shocks them all by nabbing a huge book deal and a hot Belgian boyfriend. 

Only problem is… the perfect life she always dreamed of feels all wrong. Changing course would mean giving up everything she worked so hard for and – way more difficult – accepting who she really is. For all the thousands of words of fiction she’s ever typed, it’s finally time for Laurel to write a real happily ever after.

About Jessica Jiji

I. Love. Readers! You are part of an awesome tribe. And I am one of you. My mother always told me we could travel far with books. Long before there were virtual tours and Google Earth, she introduced me to books that transported me across seas and centuries. One of my favorites is “The Alexandria Quartet,” a set of four linked novels set in Egypt. If you haven’t read them, that’s at least one recommendation I can offer by way of thanks for visiting this website.

Like parents everywhere, my father used to tell me bedtime stories. Being Iraqi, he made up tales about a brave girl named Cassima. Instead of starting with “Once Upon a Time…” he would open with the line, “I was a cook for the Queen of Iraq…” The cook was never much good at fighting off bandits or protecting the palace but Cassima would swoop in and save the day. I was mesmerized.

Somewhere between being raised on the power of reading and those imaginative tales, I started writing. As a die-hard fan of rom-coms, I try to capture the heartache and the happiness, the meaning and the madness of life. Sometimes, I cross continents and decades to write about the Arabic culture I was raised to revere. Other times, I stick with here and now, where contemporary love meets timeless desire . Either way, it’s a journey we’re on together.

To readers everywhere, I offer my gratitude, solidarity and
allegiance. You rock.

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Sweet Dates in

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Sweet Dates in Basra

Beautiful Kathmiya is sent from Iraq's idyllic countryside to work as a maid in Basra, where she meets Shafiq, a Jewish boy whose brotherhood with his Muslim neighbor Omar proves friendship transcends religion. Set during the Second World War, Sweet Dates in Basra portrays the unyielding power of human solidarity.

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Diamonds Take Forever

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thirty and still single. When her hot boyfriend breaks up, she gives up on getting a sparkly ring. But then Michelle discovers a diamond is just coal until it's forged by fire and time.

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How to judge a Book by its Lover

About the Book

How to judge a Book by its Lover

Laurel Linden wants to publish her novel and nab a sophisticated boyfriend, but when she gets the life she always dreamed of, it feels all wrong. For all the thousands of words of fiction she’s ever typed, it’s finally time for Laurel to write a real happily ever after.

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